This application will change your PC wallpaper into an art work every time you turn on your Chrome Browser.

The art works will be provided randomly, giving your mind a moment of break from your daily ordeal.


Leaves swaying in wind.
Sunbathing wall.
Quiet rain drops.
Still moments will take your heart on a journey.

Chilly wind against skin,
Flash of sunlight that make you squint your eyes,
Soil with the smell of rain,
You see these things in the art works.

What landscape do you encounter today.

A little gift of art for your soul in your ordinary day.


Shota Sato
Shota Sato

The Art Director of non-standard world, Inc. A designer who can also do coding.
Born in Tokyo, 1983. Graduated International Christian University, and earned master’s degree from graduate school at Musashino Art University. Freelance designer of mostly web designing. Also a photographer of landscape, commercial space and products.
Together with Takasaki, established non-standard world, Inc. in 2011.
Bassist of a band “euphoria”. As a band member, he has released songs and performed at many live concerts worldwide. Sato is in charge of both designing and coding while on the front with the customers thus enabling to realize coding that is “beautiful with speed”. Always efficiency minded, he takes pride in using the time spared to create an additional value to clients works.
On private Sato is a deep lover of ice cream who can’t resist checking any new products. On day offs, he may visit friends’ live concerts or art exhibitions. Either private or at work, he maintains emotionally calm and practical to manage task loads. His well-balanced character is perhaps unique of a bassist.

non-standard world, Inc.

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